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Помогите пожалуйста правильно сделать....расставитьь в правильной форме...

4. Where your sister (to be)? — She (to do) her homework in the next room. 5. It usually (to take) me an hour to do my written exercises. 6. Where Boris (to be)? I (to look) for him. - -He (to have) dinner. 7. In the evening I often (to go) to see my friends. 8. On Sunday we sometimes (to go) to the cinema or to a disco club. 9. Andrew (to get) up very early as he (to live) far from school, He (to be) never late. 10. It (to be) six o'clock in the evening now. Victor (to do) his homework. His sister (to read) a book. His mother and grandmother (to talk). 11. I (to write) a letter to my grandmother who (to live) in Novgorod. I (to write) to her very often. Упр. 171. 1. If you (to translate) this article into Rus¬sian, I shall use it in my report. 2. If she (to be) in St. Petersburg now, she will meet you at the I railway station. 3. If you (not to hurry), you will miss the train. 4. If it (to rain), we shan't go to the country. 5. When my friend (to come) to St. Petersburg, we shall go to the Russian Museum. 6. What will you be doing when he (to come) to your place? 7. Don't forget to pay for your din¬ner before you (to leave) the canteen. 8. I shall /be able to translate this article if you (to give) me a dictionary. 9. You will have to work hard at home if you (to miss) the lesson. 10. Where will you go when you (to come) to London? 11. The child won't be healthy if you (not to give) him much fruit. 12. I shan't have dinner before mother (to come) home.

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Ключевые слова: In the evening i often to go to see my friends, In the evening i often , in the evening i often (to go) to see my friends,

2 ответа к вопросу “Помогите пожалуйста правильно сделать....расставитьь в правильной форме...”

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      Ну, если не для старших классов, то можно такое: I was sleeping. Suddenly my room became lit and I woke up. Someone strange was standing at my bed. Then I understood that was an alien but I was not scared. The alien looked very pretty. He had a big head and big eyes. He smiled to me and I smiled back. Since that evening we are friends:)


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      She ... (clean) the rooms. Then she .... (feed) the animals and .... (water) the flowers.


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