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Люди, знающие английский, помогите)) запуталась)

вот мое ессе по сравнению двух государств...скажи много ли ошибок и какие?)) Republic of Kazakhstan verses Czech Republic. The distance between Europe and Asia for me is the biggest trial for my soul. My home country is Kazakhstan where I grew up. I miss my country because of the huge differences between Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. There are various contrasts and similarities in comparing Czech Republic and Kazakhstan as in social plan as in political and geographical plan. These countries in geographical plan are a hard antipodes. Kazakhstan stands on a widely plain which extends along its borders. There are many steeps and open space in the country. Kazakhstan ranked as the ninth largest country in the world. Contrast to Kazakhstan, Czech territory is much less than my own country territory. Cities locate more closely to each other and there is no open space. There is one similarity between Kazakhstan and Czechia; both of them are landlocked countries. The contrast in social plan is one more discrepancy besides geographical location difference. People in Czech Republic are more liberated and free from different believes than in Kazakhstan. Czechs do not worry about their clothes and behavior while Kazakhstan concern of their behavior and life style. People from Kazakhstan are more anxious about what other people think about them. Czech people are not concerned about it, they behave the same as at home as at the public and they do not think about others people thoughts. Czech people are very polite. In my country it is a hard belief to take a seat to elder people in public transport which I do not noticed here. I have never seen so much people with dogs as I saw in Prague. I even didn’t know that so many dogs exist! Every second family has a pet at home. And sometimes there are more than one pet. People in Kazakhstan like pets not as Czechs. In my country people prefer cats than dogs and in a few amounts. But often family do not have a pet at all. National food is one of the best features which may tell about the historical past and nation overall. I don’t know much about Czech national food, but it was said that it is very specific and with a huge amount of spices. I don’t really prefer such kind of food, but I think I will try it in the nearest future. The national food of my home country is very specific, too. It is very oily and sometimes it is a mix of absurd products which are not suitable to each other. In spite of these, I like it very much and eat it with pleasure. I always thought that teenagers everywhere the same, but it is not. When I came in Prague two months ago I was really amazed by mix of bright clothes with a big amount of tattoos and piercings on teenagers’ bodies. For our country it is impermissibly and causes resentment of the public. Our country is not so old tradition; some of contemporary adopts teenagers’ way of life. Despite of a big amount of contrasts between the country where I born and the country where I’m studying, there are a little number of similarities. These countries have similar languages, even sometimes the same words. The nature is very impressive and beautiful and there is a lot of green in both countries. People are friendly and kind. I think it will be not difficult for me to adapt to Czech life style and all of its dissimilarity with my home country.

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