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Помогите пожалуйста, укажите на ошибки в сочинении

1.The appearance of a man and his health are tie. 2. As everybody knows it applies to the level of the moral and physical qualities of character. 3. I think that many people don’t think about health and they do not go in for sport. 4. I prefer doing sports than watching them. 5. I go in for sports very actively. 6. I love different kinds of sports for example figure-skating, badminton, cycling, skiing. 7. I notice when I come to the skating-rink, I feel cheerful. 8. Some people like aggressive sports. 9. For example aggressive skating isn't exactly the safest sport around but it sure is one of the most exciting and impressive. 10. It is generally agreed that sports training is the best way to relax. 11. There are illnesses that are a function of stress and you must not allow it. 12. My friend likes athletics she takes part in different marathons and competitions 13. The first point to be made is competitiveness. 14. It makes us work hard 15. If you do not like dusty sports hall you can play in open-air games such as a cricket, a hockey, a golf, a rugby, football and so on. 15. In my opinion, athletes are responsible very much, they know how to play as a team and they can compete with each other. 16. If you want to have good health, you should go in for sport. 17. From this it may well be concluded that healthy people always have a good mood, they feel happy. 18. If you want to look beautiful, it must be begun today. 19. I believe that everybody should watch over own health. 20. Well, health is a condition of activity; it is the success of man. 21. The great German writer wrote: «I know only one beauty it is a health».22. Healthy life style is eutrophy, physical activity, relaxation and so on. 23. There are many dangerous diseases because of wrong healthy life style in our time. 24. It has already been pointed out if we say about physical health, we should remember about the spiritual health. 25. I know my brother to go in for sport and I help him in it. 26. I understand that the greatest wealth is health. 27. It is always taken for granted if a person is ill, he feels terrible. 28. I believe that sport is very important in our lives and I always talking about it.

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