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Пожалуйста проверьте мое сочинение по английскому.оно очень маленькое! несколько предложений.очень прошу!

это очень важно! с английским просто не дружу( спасибо всем кто откликнется! It was about a week after my fifth birthday. While my mother was washing, I found her cosmetics. And while my mother was busy, i decoreted my face. I found pomade, ink, powder and many other interesting thinks. And while I were stoping, my mam came into the room. She was shocked. My mam washed me, and punished. More I never touched to cosmetics.

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Ключевые слова: проверка сочинений , проверить сочинение по английскому, маленькое сочинение по английскому,

9 ответов к вопросу “Пожалуйста проверьте мое сочинение по английскому.оно очень маленькое! несколько предложений.очень прошу!”

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    • ответ #1 / ответил: ryuunightingale
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      was washing - надо написать что она там вошинг) foundED не decorated, а did a makeup. founded interesting thinGs I was stopped my mom вместо washed - cleaned my face не and punished - and I was punished и последнее предл.: I never touched the cosmetics even more.


    • ответ #2 / ответил: trusis
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      А попробовать обратный перевод? Гуглом например? Вот что получается: Это было примерно через неделю после моего дня рождения. Пока моя мама мыла (что? раму?), я нахожу(время!) её косметику. И в то время как моя мама была занята, я отделывала моё лицо. Я обнаружила, (лишняя запятая)) помаду, тушь, пудру и много других интересных думает (thihGs наверно?). И в то время, когда я была очистных прудах (:-) Вау! Непонятно, что хотела сказать!), моя мама вошла в комнату. Она была в шоке. Моя мама меня мыла, и она была наказана (Кем это? Пришёл папа, и её наказал?). Больше я никогда не прикасалась к косметике


    • ответ #3 / ответил: workoutgirlmb4
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      Я Вам изменила в нужных местах. Надеюсь, что вовремя! It was about a week after my fifth birthday. While my mother was bathing, I found her make-up. And while my mother was busy, I applied the make-up to my face. I found lipstick, mascara, powder and many other interesting things. When I was done putting the make-up on, my mom came into the room. She was shocked. My mоm washed the make-up off my face and punished me. Never again did I touch make-up. Кстати - я изменила "washing" на "bathing", предполагая что Вы имели в виду, что мама купалась. Если ж Вы имели в виду, что мама стирала, то надо написать не "washing" (так как тогда не совсем понятно, что она мыла - обычно так не говорят) а "doing laundry" (то есть - занималась стиркой). Всё перечитала, всё тут правильно, не беспокойтесь - живу в Канаде с шести лет; может быть, теперь это пригодится Вам... :)


    • ответ #4 / ответил: www.rossa
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    • ответ #5 / ответил: Анна
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      можете и мне проверить оч надо.
      This summer was the best. Every day happened something new. In June was my birthday. This holiday was excellent. In July came to me uncle from Kharkov. I showed him the Voronezh. We were on the Admiralty square in Petrovsky park and in the cinema.
      Every day I was walking with my best friends. We played football, roller-skating, walks in the city.
      This summer has been wonderful. I really miss my friends.


    • ответ #6 / ответил: Easy Pankake
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      Проверьте,очень надо*
      заранее спасибо*

      Emo is a special way of life and human thought.Emo - emotional, vivid emotions above all, with both positive and negative.Emo-people live emotions.For emo expression of their feelings-not a sign of weakness, and normal state.Be yourself- that's what the most important thing for emo.That's the concept of emo-style: they dye their hair and nails black, wears bangs to the side, big shoes, wears badges with the names of favorite bands.History of Emo has its roots in the distant 1985. Emo - the so-jokingly called some of the new Washington group, who started playing strange music, somewhat not similar to normal usual punk.The basis of their sound was still the same punk, but with the addition of melodic vocals. Even then there was the main feature of the emo-style fair amount of emotional vocals and lyrics.Emo, like any other musical style changed, evolved and highly branched. At this stage, there were various subspecies of emo-style: screamo, emocore, jacket and others.
      Subculture is goths - almost the most mysterious and unusual of all existing in our time. The main difference from the usual goth man - a special "gothic" life principles, which for the uninitiated may seem ugly.One such principle, «carpe diem», says that today may be the last in life, so live it to, respectively. But instead of enjoying in full force and effect of positive emotions, goths take inspiration from depression, despair and pain. Goths - individualists.If you say easier - single. They are separated from society, they have their own philosophy of life, its music, literature, philosophy. They are essentially romance, although the concept of romanticism in them his own. The characteristic appearance is ready - black or black with elements of other colors (mostly red) clothing. Black long hair. Face unnaturally pale (with powders).High laced shoes or boots. Black corset, tight black sleeves and black skirt, maxi (for girls), antique clothing, kleshenye sleeve, leather wear. Black bands on their hands. Contact lenses, stylized animal eyes or just an imitation of a colorless iris. They listen to gothic punk.
      Rappers - among many other subcultural forms based on the styles of music in Russia was widespread rap (English rap - rap, knock). The manner of execution - "reading."Appearance - are broad, a few sizes too big clothes.Sporty. Favorite sport -basketball.The ornaments are badges and earrings. Hair short swifts. Many rappers do not drink alcoholic beverages, even beer, but prefer to hard drugs.Rappers - not only those who listen to music in the style of "rap", but people who write rap, imbued with his idea. In the bulk of rappers are not aggressive, except to those who consider themselves downstream "gangsta".


    • ответ #7 / ответил: Dasha
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      Please, help me. Can you check up mistakes in my composition?
      For a long time there was a clear boundary between roles of men and women in a society. To understand it, we should leave in the past when there was a matriarchy and patriarchy. Division of roles not casually, also is impossible precisely it is necessary to tell it or not.
      Let's consider all "for".
      First, it is considered that men stronger and hardy, than women, therefore at women are many privileges which they can use.
      Second, There are such trades where rough man's force is really necessary. For example, the fireman, the policeman and others. I consider that they purely man's (though many women can be an example for some men)
      Let's consider all "against".
      First, I always was against discrimination. Sometimes someone is unfairly allocated one, the man or the woman.
      Second, there is a stereotype to divide trades only on man's and female, we slow down development of our society, after all only God knows, on what each of us is capable.
      So, each case is individual also we well it cannot tell or simply to divide man's and female appointment. Anyway, men and women are to the same extent equal before the law, almost.


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