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The press, television and radio (mass media) play an important part in the life of society. They influence the way people look at the world and make them change their views. Some people say, "News is not what happens - it is what you see or read in mass media other words, mass media shapes public opinion. (Sometimes it good, but sometimes terribly bad. It depends.) Millions of people in their spare time watch TV and read papers and magazines. Television dominates one's life in the family watches it most of the time. Television informs, educates and tains people, it is also a habit-forming drug impossible. Various TV games, such as quiz shows, and music programm attract a large audience. During TV quiz programmes the question are answered by the viewers. Then there are daily TV serials known as soap operas. Some people find them boring, others consider them ti be good entertainment and relaxation. There is also a lot of advertising on TV. A lot of commercial films buy the tine to advertise their goods. Advertising often annoys the general public. A film, a good basketball or football match may be interrupted several times with advertisements for the soap powder or new perfume. To convince the viewers that a certain product is the best and to persuade him to buy it takes not only a lot of imagination but also a lot of time. The same advertisements and repeated dozens of time every day, which bores the viewers. Some people say there is too much violence on television, which has a bad influence on viewers, especially young people. Television often shows scenes of violence. But it is hardly fair to say that TV doesn't try to raise the cultural level if the people or develop their artistic taste. Many of TV programmes are excellent: they are made in good taste and with great professional skill. Television brings into millions of homes not only news and entertainment, but also cultural and educational programmes. Good or bad, television brings the world into our home and makes us closer to other people. Besides, it is a good company for people who live alone.

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      The main purpose of this article is to appreciate the influence of modern mass media, especially the television, on our society.
      The author analyzes the TV production, discussing its positive and negative features. The TV programs, games and soap operas are considered . Much attention is given to TV advertisement. Also the autor emphasizes the negative relation of the audience to advertising on the television. Besides, the problem of violance on TV is mentioned.
      The author comes to conclusion, that despite of all disadvantages, the television contributes to educational and cultural development of our society.

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